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We can not ship to HI or AK



The Rundown...

THIS IS A NO BRAINER FOLKS! The video explains it, but if you want to read, that's cool. Here it is, in easy to process bullet point style:

- Rapid fire deals are sent our via email, twitter and push notifications. - Pay $5 for access/shipping for a entire week long (each Monday - Sunday) access to everything you want to order.
- Everything you order between those dates will ship together in 1 big box (or several boxes in 1 shipment if you order a ton).
- Basically you are paying shipping ONE TIME so we can offer you wayyyy lower pricing than usual.

Example deals that have been offered in the past... just FEW, as there will be a TON. $1.90 bath towels, 60 cent gourmet chocolate bars, $8 parachute hammocks, $3 survival shovels, $2.20 MRE's, $5 Disney Collectibles and MUUUCH MORE!